Athletic Training and Sport Performance


Level 10 provides one-on-one training for athletes in every sport and every level. With one-on-one contact, our highly qualified trainers are able to maximally individualize each session. This setting can provide some advantages that make this type of session very effective. In our experience, we have found that individual training sessions are not necessarily the best. Consultation with our sport performance specialist will determine what type of sessions is most appropriate.



Many sports are limited by their access to practice facilities. Bring the entire team down to Level 10 for additional opportunities to develop athleticism and foster team building.  Our team strength and conditioning sessions will improve your team’s chemistry, develop work ethic, teach valuable life lessons and take your team’s game to whole new level. Level 10 has serviced teams from hockey, football, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, rugby, cheerleading, swimming, baton, badminton, judo, synchronizes swimming, gymnastics.


This sport performance training option provides an opportunity for athletes and teams to access the expertise of Level 10’s specialists without accessing our facility. Some athletes and teams face challenges that prevent them from being able to attend programs hosted at our facility. Our sport performance specialists can develop a program and provide orientation to that program with the athlete or team executing the program independently at a remote location. Level 10’s specialists are available for consultation and support throughout these programs.

Bring down the entire team for strength and conditioning sessions.  Boys and girls need strong muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments that enable them to perform sports at high levels of success and at a low injury rate.  Help improve teams body composition, self-esteem, develop coordination, and speed.

Many sports share common athletic attributes. Speed is speed, jumping ability is a jumping ability, agility is agility and fitness is fitness regardless of the sport. The techniques used to train these attributes are similar. Mixed Athletics offers general athletic training that transfers to any sport. Each session progresses through speed, agility, strength and power movements, core stability, balance, and energy system development. Sessions are offered to youth in grade 8-12.

 Team & Sport Performance Training Video

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