At Level 10, we provide quality physiotherapy assessment and treatment emphasizing an active functional rehabilitation approach. Level 10 is proud to be partners with Courtside Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation and to be able to provide quality care in our facility.

Our physiotherapists are committed to provide work with you to provide the best personalized treatment based on your specific needs, helping you achieve maximal physical functioning and independence. Throughout treatment, the physiotherapist will help you understand your condition so that you may better manage it independently and prevent reoccurrence. Emphasis is also put on educating about proper technique and physical activity. Our physiotherapists supply the expertise and tools for rehabilitation and motivate the client to use these tools to help themselves.



Active rehabilitation is for clients and athletes who are attempting to return to normal function after an injury. Active rehabilitation means that the individual takes an active role in their recovery. Under the guidance of a physiotherapist and a personal trainer, our clients learn to manage their injuries and achieve an optimal level of recovery. The physiotherapist and personal trainer work closely together to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program providing all the steps to complete recovery. Regaining one’s flexibility, strength, power, muscular endurance, balance, and co-ordination is the primary focus. The program is tailored individually taking into account the client’s injury, functional limitations, level of conditioning and the requirements of their sport, job and daily living needs. Every client receives one-on-one attention from the personal trainer and the physiotherapist to provide the best possible treatment.



• Orthopaedic assessment and treatment

• Sports injury assessment and treatment

• IMS (Intramuscular stimulation)

• Acupuncture

• Athletic Therapy

• Post-surgical or chronic injuries

• Rehabilitation programs are also designed specifically for injured workers, individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents, and insurance company sponsored clients.


** Please note that all physio, massage and private training appointments must be cancelled minimum 24 hours prior to the appointment to avoid late cancellation fees. All fitness and yoga classes, including Unlimited Fitness Pass holders, must be cancelled minimum 6 hours prior of the class to avoid late cancellation fees.
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