Massage Therapy

There are remarkable benefits to be attained through regular massage therapy treatments from a Registered Massage Therapist.  Whether you are looking for a moment of relaxation, to reduce muscle tension or to get relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage can boost your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being as well as your quality of life.


Massage therapy brings benefits to people of all ages. While it benefits the injured, the ill and the stressed, the strength of massage therapy in preventing illness and conditions before they develop cannot be overlooked.  Massage therapy can be used not only in the treatment of both acute and chronic stages of conditions but also as a preventative measure.


Massage is an important part of your health, by:


• Reducing or eliminating pain

• Reducing stress, depression, and anxiety

• Reducing tension within muscles

• Increasing body awareness

• Providing pain relief for repetitive and stress injuries

• Improving joint mobility and blood circulation

• Strengthening immune system functioning

• Reducing heart rate and blood pressure

• Improving lymphatic flow

• Increasing endorphins therefore enhancing medical treatment and recovery


Although therapeutic massage does not increase muscle strength, it can stimulate weak, inactive muscles and partially compensate for the lack of exercise and inactivity resulting from illness or injury. It also can hasten and lead to a more complete recovery from exercise or injury.

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