About Level 10 Fitness

Level 10 is a full service supervised training organization where each and every session is guided by a certified professional trainer. At Level 10, we deliver effective, appropriate and efficient workouts that meet and exceed the expectations of the very broad spectrum of clients we service.

From elite level athletes to those desiring a better quality of life through improved fitness and functionality, our qualified and experienced team of trainers is able to cater to the needs of every client on every continuum. All ages, all levels, all budgets, all comfort levels and all schedules will find what they are looking for at Level 10.



Level 10 is dedicated to the pursuit and achievement of personal excellence through the advancement and promotion of health and wellness and athletic development. Our commitment to educate, motivate, and inspire fosters an atmosphere that empowers our clients to view the accomplishment of their true potential as a realistic and attainable goal.



Level 10 is the leading wellness and athletic training organization in Saskatchewan. Our fully equipped 18,000 square foot facility is home to the most qualified and experienced team of professionals in the industry.

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